Cream and Custard Pies**                                                             13.00

Chocolate Cream, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream

    Egg Custard, Pumpkin,* Sweet Potato


Fruit Pies*                                                                                         14.00

       Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry


Pecan                                                                                                15.00



Bread pudding                                                                  8x8 pan     7.00

Old fashioned apple crisp**   (no oats in the crisp)      8x8 pan        8.00

                                                                                      9x13 pan      13.00

Frozen or ready to heat and serve                        Single Serving        3.00


Fruit cobblers: peach, blueberry, cherry                                 8x8 pan    8.00

Peanut butter balls                                                                    6 for 6.00

Granola balls (made with oats, choc chips, coconut and flax, no gluten)      6  for 6.00


Cream puff and ├ęclair shells                                                 1 doz. 10.00


*can be made gluten free

** can be made sugar free


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